Dr. Faizan Ahmad
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Area of Interest: Human-Computer Interaction | Gamification | Assistive Technologies | Education Technology | User Experience | Information Visualization | Computational Psychology
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (117)

I am a young academician from a computer science background, specialized in human-computer interaction, who is motivated to serve in the areas of assistive and education technologies by proposing next-generation gamification solutions. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Professor as well as Leader of the Research Center for Human-Computer Interaction (RC-HCI) in the Department of Computer Science, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Lahore Campus.

A primary focus of my research is twofold:

  1. Conduct empirical studies to explore user experience (UX) with assistive and educational games in order to establish an insight against their critical aspects through an information visualization approach.
  2. Adopt user-centered design (UCD) and computational psychology approaches to propose next-generation assistive and educational games in order to ensure productive, easy-to-use, and safer UX.      

Students and faculty members, who are interested to work in any of the above-mentioned directions as well as on a somewhat similar problem, are welcome to contact me through an email (faizanahmad@cuilahore.edu.pk).

Graduate Taught Course(s):

  1. Advanced Topics of Human-Computer Interaction

Undergraduate Taught Course(s):

  1. Human-Computer Interaction
  2. Software Construction


  1. CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship for Ph.D. Degree
  2. Chinese Government Scholarship for MS Degree


  1. Distinguished Foreign Student Award 2011 at Beihang University

For more detail please visit the following links:

LinkedIn Profile | Google Scholar Profile | Recorded Lectures: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) | Slides: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) | Fall2020 - Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) - Course & Exam Folder

Funded Projects:

Completed Projects:
1. Maximizing Gaming Experiences in Virtual Reality: A Systematic Study of Player Engagement and Arousal (2018 - 2019) PIs: Dr. Faizan Ahmad, Other Team: Co.PI: A. Ahmad, Budget: PKR 0.305 Million, Funded By: Startup Research Grant Program – R&D Division HEC .


Journal Papers:
1. F. Ahmad, Z. Ahmed, S. Muneeb (2021), "Effect of Gaming Mode Upon the Players’ Cognitive Performance During Brain Games Play: An Exploratory Research", International Journal of Game-Based Learning (IJGBL), pp: 67-76, Vol: 11, Issue: 1, Impact Factor: 1.28    (External URL)
2. F. Ahmad, L. Zongwei, Z. Ahmed, S. Muneeb (2020), "Behavioral profiling: a generationwide study of players' experiences during brain games play", Interactive Learning Environments, Impact Factor: 1.94    (External URL)
3. F. Ahmad, Y. Chen, L. Hu, S. Wang, J. Wang, Z. Chen, X. Jiang, J. Shen (2017), "BrainStorm: a psychosocial game suite design for non-invasive cross-generational cognitive capabilities data collection", Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence , pp: 1311-1323, Vol: 29,2017, Issue: 6, Impact Factor: 2.04    (External URL)
4. F. Ahmad, A. Najam, Z. Ahmed (2012), "Image-based Face Detection and Recognition: State of the Art", IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol: 9, Issue: 6, Standard: 1694-0814, Impact Factor: (EI Indexed)   
Conference Papers:
1. F. Ahmad, Y. Chen, S. Wang, Z. Chen, J. Shen, L. Hu, J. Wang (2016) "A Study of Players’ Experiences During Brain Games Play", ACM 14th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence , pp: 3-15, Standard: 978-3-319-42911-3    (External URL)
2. F. Ahmad, Z. Ahmed, A. Najam (2013) "Soft Biometric Gender Classification using Face for Real Time Surveillance in Cross Dataset Environment", IEEE International Multi Topic Conference (INMIC), pp: 131 - 135., Issue: (EI Indexed)    (External URL)
3. F. Ahmad, A. Najam, Z. Ahmed (2012) "MVC Architectural Pattern for Enterprise Information System’s Reporting Subsystem in J2EE", International Conference on Future Trends in Computing & Communication Technologies (FTCom).   
4. F. Ahmad, A. Najam (2012) "Video-based Face Classification Approach: A Survey", IEEE International Conference of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Vol: 978-1-4673-4886-7/12. (EI Indexed)   


Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Sep 2013 to May 2017
Master of Engineering in Computer Applied Technology
Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), China
Sep 2011 to Jul 2013
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan
Sep 2006 to Jun 2010


Research Assistant at Research Center for Ubiquitous Computing Systems (CUbiCS)
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sep 2013 to May 2017
Research Assistant at Laboratory of Intelligent Recognition and Image Processing
Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
Sep 2011 to Jul 2013
Research Associate
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
Oct 2010 to Sep 2011

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