Ms. Faiza Mustafa
Lecturer, Physics
Area of Interest: Quantum Optical and Photonic Devices, Electromagnetic Theory
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Funded Projects:

Completed Projects:
1. Synthesis and I-V characterization of Colloidal quantum dots for LED applications (2015 - 2017), Team: PI: Faiza Mustafa. Dr. Ayesha Jamil Ms. Samia Aslam Dr. M. Ashfaq, Funded By: COMSATS University Islamabad. (External URL).


Journal Papers:
1. Aslam, S., Mustafa, F., Jamil, A., & Ahmad, M. A. (2018), "Efficient tuning of optical properties and morphology of CdS nanostructures via a facile route ", International journal of Electronic materials, Impact Factor: IF-1.55   
2. Aslam, S., Mustafa, F., & Ahmad, M. A. (2018), "Facile synthesis of graphene oxide with significant enhanced properties for optoelectronic and energy devices", Ceramics International, pp: 6823-6828, Vol: 44(6), Impact Factor: IF=2.986   
3. Aslam, S., Mustafa, F., Ahmad, M. A., Saleem, M., Idrees, M., & Bhatti, A. S. (2018), "Photovoltaic performance and impedance spectroscopy of ZnS-Cu-Go nanocomposites", Ceramics International, pp: 402-408, Vol: 44(1), Impact Factor: IF=2.986   
4. Jamil, A., Mustafa, F., Aslam, S.* , Arshad, U., & Ashfaq Ahmad*,M (2017), "Structural and optical properties of thermally reduced graphene oxide for energy devices.", Chinese Physics B, pp: 086501, Vol: 26(8), Impact Factor: IF-1.42   
5. Mustafa, F., Aslam, S., Jamil, A., & Ahmad, M. A (2017), "Synthesis and characterization of wide band gap nickel oxide (NiO) powder via a facile route", Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, pp: 38-44, Vol: 140   
6. F. Mustafa ; M. Faryad ; Q. A. Naqvi Electronics department QAU, Islamabad (2008), "Fractional Dual Solutions Using Calculus of Differential Forms” Volume 22, Issue 2, 399 – 410, Publication Year 2008.", Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, pp: 399 - 410, Vol: 22, Issue: 2   


M.Phil Electronics
QAU, Islamabad, Pakistan
Feb 2006 to Mar 2008


CIIT, Lahore
Mar 2010 to Date
Lecturer Physics
CIIT, Islamabad
Nov 2007 to Feb 2010

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