Dr. Aamir Razaq
Assistant Professor, Physics
Area of Interest: Nanomaterials for Batteries/Supercapacitors
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

Dr. Aamir is working on popular science of light-weight, flexible and environment friendly nanocomposite materials for supercapacitor and batteries applications. His research interests are in nanostructured conductive-paper composite materials, consisting of conductive polymers/metallic nanorods and nanocellulose/lignin fibers. He is working to use green composite materials for high-tech applications: batteries/supercapacitors, flexible electronics and biomolecules separation due to outstanding aspects of environmental friendliness, mechanical flexibility, electrical conductivity and efficient electroactive behavior. 

Dr. Aamir is working on versatile high-tech projects under collaboration of researchers from Physics, Material Science, IRCBM, Chemical and Electrical Engineering departments. He published research articles in high impact factor journals and also contributed in several international conferences. Currently his impact factor is above 90, citation numbers are around 600, h-index and i10-index are 08. His scientific article was selected for back title cover of prestigious journal of Advanced Energy materials in 2012 and also another article crossed the barrier of 300 citations.

Approved Funding

  1. Fabrication of Nanocellulose and Conductive Polymer Based Flexible and Environmentally Safe Paper Electrodes for Development of Energy Storage Devices Via Indigenous Resources Approved as PI by HEC (NRPU2016) of worth Rs. 4.23 Million
  2. Fabrication of Zinc Oxide nanorods on waste paper-pulp fibers for development of Low input Voltage Light Emitting wallpaper to replace incandescent bulb Approved as PI by HEC(SRGP) of worth Rs. 0.5 Million
  3. Molybdenum Trioxide Nanorods as Additive in Waste Paper-Pulp and Polypyrrole Based Electrodes to Enhance Power and Energy Densities of Light-Weight and Flexible paper based batteries Approved as PI by CRGP(HEC) of worth Rs. 0.2 Million
  4. Development of Flexible, Light-Weight and Environment Friendly Paper Composites based Supercapacitors and Batteries From Indigenous Resources Under Major Revision by HEC(NRPU2014) of worth 9.20 Million
  5. ZnO/CuO Nanostructure fabrication using Low Temperature Techniques Approved as Co-PI by HEC(SRGP) of worth Rs. 0.5 Million
  6. Zinc Oxide nanorods on waste paper-pulp substrate for development of Low power Light Emitting Diodes wallpaper Approved as Co-PI by CRGP(HEC) of worth Rs. 0.2 Million
  7. Development of Natural Fibers Based Flexible Paper Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries (HEC/R&D/NRPU/2017/8092) of worth Rs. 1.60 Millions submitted as PI at HEC (NRPU2017)
  8. Strengthening of Modern Li-ion Batteries by  Development  of  Flexible Energy Storage Electrode Using Alternative Anode Active Materials submitted as PI at PSF (TUBITAK-PSF/PSF-TUBITAK Call for Proposals2017) of worth Rs. 33.000 Euros
PhD Students Under SUpervision
- Adeel Islam
- Ayesha Masood
- Imtiaz Ahmad
- Aneeqa Masood
- Zahid Shoukat

Additional Duties
- Member/Secretary of Physics Department Academic Review Committee (DARC)
- Member of Departmental Graduate Committee
- Incharge of Nanocomposite Research Lab
- Head of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Group Department of Physics CIIT Lahore
- Lab Incharge of computational research lab (Spring2012- Fall2016)
- Advisor of BS Batch
- Seminar Organizer at Physics Dept.(Spring2012 - Fall2016)
- Examiner of PhD Comprehensive Exam
- Internal Examiner of FYP projects
- Member of Departmental Orientation Committee
- Development of Department Webpage(Fall2012 - Fall2014)
- Member of Research Group Review Committee for Department of Physics, CIIT Lahore
- Member of public-private partnership team Department of Physics, CIIT Lahore
- Member/Secretary of Departmental Scrutiny Committee (Spring2012 to Spring 2016)
- Member of Associated Assignment at Energy Research Center (ERC)
- Member of Campus Academic Review Committee(CARC) CIIT Lahore (Spring 2012, Fall 2012)
- Member of Admission committee Physics Dept. CIIT Lahore
- Member of Purchase Committee for Atomic force Microscope(AFM)
- Member of Pak-China Business Forum academic review committee
- Dual Degree Program Course Moderator
- Member of Pak-China Business Forum(PCBF) refreshment committee
- Performed in Judge Panels of Inter Science Fair held at CIIT Lahore
- Member of Job Induction Committee
- Representative of CIIT Islamabad Newsletter(Spring2013 - Spring2015)
- Member of CIIT Lahore Job Fair Committee
- Evaluation of Start up business ideas through short listing committee
- Member of Convocation Committee
- Member of Punjab Youth Festival Committee
- Active participation in compilation of CIIT Prospectus for the year 2015-2016
Conference/Workshop Participation
Ultrafast All Polymer Based Batteries
Presented  in  International IEEE Conference on Power, Energy and Smart Grid, Mirpur University of Science and Technology(MUST), Azad Kashmir (April2018)
- Nanocellulose fibers Based Conductive Paper Electrode for Ion-Exchange and Energy Storage
Presented at Physics Dept. F. C. C. University Lahore (February 2015)
- Paper Based Energy Storage Device
Presented in international NanoSET2014 conference at CIIT, Lahore (March 2014)
-  A Battery mad From Nanocellulose Fibers
Presented in Pak-China Forum, Islamabad (March 2013)
- Salt and Paper Battery: A Future Energy Storage Device
Presented in Physics Colloquium at Physics Dept. CIIT Lahore (March 2013)
- Nanocellulose Fibers based Composite Materials for High-Tech Applications
Presented in International Workshop on Nanotechnology: Policy Ethics and Science, Islamabad (March 2013)
-  Nanocellulose Fiber based Conductive Composite for Biomolecular Extraction
Presented in Technology Workshop on Atomic Physics and Nanofabrication at NILOP Islamabad (March 2012)
-  Light-Weight Composite Materials as Electrodes for Paper Based Energy Storage Devices
Presented in Symposium on Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Technologies: Problems and Solutions at CIIT, Islamabad
- Nanostructured high surface area conducting paper composites for multiple purpose applications including extraction of DNA and  energy storage devices
Albert Mihranyan, Aamir Razaq, Gustav Nyström, Leif Nyholm, Maria Strømme Nanotech Europe, Berlin, 28-30 September, 2009
- High surface area conducting paper materials composed of polypyrrole and Cladophora cellulose
Albert Mihranyan, Aamir Razaq, Gustav Nyström, Maria Strømme, Leif Nyholm 216th ECS Meeting, Vienna, 4-9 October, 2009
- Salt and paper battery
Albert Mihranyan, Gustav Nyström, Aamir Razaq, Leif Nyholm, Maria Strømme Printed Electronics/Photovoltaics Europe, Dresden, April 13-14, 2010
- Electrochemically controlled ion-exchange membrane base


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Journal Papers:
1. Naadia Akhtar,Hafiz Muhammad Rafique, Shahid Atiq, Sana Aslam, Aamir Razaq, Murtaza Saleem (2018), "Dielectric based Energy Storage Capacity of Sol-Gel Synthesized Sr-doped ZrTiO4 Nanocrystallites", Ceramics International, pp: 6705-6712, Vol: 44   
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Conference Papers:
1. A Razaq,A Mihranyan (2011) "Carbon Highways in High Surface Area Conducting Paper Membranes for Efficient DNA Separation", Advanced Materials for the 21s Century   
2. A Mihranyan, G Nyström, A Razaq, L Nyholm, M Strømme (2010) "A battery from algae cellulose", Advanced Materials   
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PhD (Nanotechnology & Functional Materials)
Uppsala University, Sweden
Oct 2007 to Oct 2011
M.Sc. (Physics)
Physics deptt. Punjab University, Pakistan
Sep 1999 to Sep 2001


Assistant Professor
Dec 2011 to Date
Aug 2006 to Dec 2011
Lecturer (visiting)
Geology deptt. Punjab University Lahore
Sep 2004 to Oct 2006
Forman Christian College University Lahore
Aug 2003 to Aug 2006
NICON College of Computer Sciences Lahore
Jul 2001 to Jul 2003

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