Dr. Abrar Faisal
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Area of Interest: Adsorption, Catalysis, Material Development
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (148)

Dr Abrar Faisal completed his graduation in chemical engineering from Institute of chemical engineering and technology (ICET), University of the Punjab Lahore in 2005. After spending couple of years in industry (Engro, Western Technologies and Dewan Salman Fiber) he joined COMSATS as a lecturer in department of chemical engineering Lahore campus in 2007. In 2008 he went to  Luleå University of Technology Sweden on faculty development scholarship program to pursue his MS. In 2010, he retured back to Pakistan after successfully completing his MS studies and rejoined COMSATS. In 2012, he won fully funded PhD scholarship from Luleå University of Technoloy and went to Sweden again. In December 2016, he successfully defended his PhD and returned back to Pakistan. After rejoining COMSATS in late December 2016, he was promoted to Tenured Track Assistant Professor. 


His areas of experties are adsorption, catalysis and material synthesis. 


Journal Papers:
1. Tahir Fazal; Abdul Razzaq; Fahed Javed; Ainy Hafeez; Naim Rashid; Ume-Salma Amjad; Muhammad Saif ur Rehman; Abrar Faisal; Fahad Rehman (2020), "Integrating Adsorption and Photocatalysis: A cost effective Strategy for Textile Wastewater Treatment using Hybrid Biochar-TiO2 Composite", Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol: 390, Issue: In press, Standard: 0304-3894, Impact Factor: 9.038    (External URL)
2. Mattias Grhan, Abrar Faisal, Olov G. W. Öhrman, Ming Zhou, Matteo Signorile, Valentina Crocellà, Mohammad Sadegh Nabavi, Jonas Hedlund (2020), "Small ZSM-5 crystals with low defect density as an effective catalyst for conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons", Catalysis Today, pp: 136-146, Vol: 345, Standard: 0920-5861, Impact Factor: 5.825    (External URL)
3. Yasir Abbas, Farrukh Jamil, Sikander Rafiq, Moinuddin Ghauri, M. Shahzad Khurram, Muhammad Aslam, Awais Bokhari, Abrar Faisal, Umer Rashid, Sining Yun & Muhammad Mubeen (2020), "Valorization of solid waste biomass by inoculation for the enhanced yield of biogas", Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, pp: 513–522, Vol: 22, Standard: 1618-9558, Impact Factor: 2.429    (External URL)
4. Mohsan Hassan, Abrar Faisal, Irfan Ali, Muhammad Mubashir Bhatti and Muhammad Yousaf (2019), "Effects of Cu–Ag hybrid nanoparticles on the momentum and thermal boundary layer flow over the wedge", Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, pp: 1128-1136, Vol: 233, Issue: 5, Standard: 0954-4089 , Impact Factor: 1.606    (External URL)
5. Tahir Fazal; Abrar Faisal; Azeem Mushtaq; Ainy Hafeez; Fahed Javed; Amir Aludin; Naim Rashid; Muhammad Aslam; Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman; Fahad Rehman (2019), "Macroalgae and Coal-based Biochar as a Sustainable Bioresource Reuse for Treatment of Textile Wastewater", Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, Vol: Accepted , Issue: In Press, Standard: 2190-6823, Impact Factor: 2.602    (External URL)
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7. Abrar Faisal, Mattias Holmlund, Mireille Ginesy, Allan Holmgren, Josefine Enman, Jonas Hedlund, and Mattias Grahn (2019), "Recovery of l-Arginine from Model Solutions and Fermentation Broth Using Zeolite-Y Adsorbent", ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, pp: 8900-8907, Vol: 7 (9), Standard: 2168-0485, Impact Factor: 7.632    (External URL)
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9. Mohsan Hassan, Abrar Faisal, Muhammad Mubashir Bhatti (2018), "Interaction of aluminum oxide nanoparticles with flow of polyvinyl alcohol solutions base nanofluids over a wedge", Applied Nanoscience, pp: 53-60, Vol: 8, Standard: 2190-5509, Impact Factor: 2.880    (External URL)
10. Abrar Faisal, Ming Zhou, Jonas Hedlund, Mattias Grahn (2018), "Zeolite MFI adsorbent for recovery of butanol from ABE fermentation broths produced from an inexpensive black liquor-derived hydrolyzate", Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, pp: 679-687, Vol: 8, Issue: 3, Standard: 2190-6815, Impact Factor: 2.602    (External URL)
11. Abrar Faisal, Ming Zhou, Jonas Hedlund and Mattias Grahn (2016), "Recovery of butanol from model ABE fermentation broths using MFI adsorbent: a comparison between traditional beads and a structured adsorbent in the form of a film", Adsorption, pp: 205–214, Vol: 22, Issue: 2, Standard: 0929-5607, Impact Factor: 1.949    (External URL)
12. Abrar Faisal, Agata Zarebska, Pardis Saremi, Danil Korelskiy, Lindsay Ohlin, Ulrika Rova, Jonas Hedlund, Mattias Grahn (2014), "MFI zeolite as adsorbent for selective recovery of hydrocarbons from ABE fermentation broths", Adsorption, pp: 465-470, Vol: 20, Issue: 2, Standard: 0929-5607, Impact Factor: 1.949    (External URL)


PhD in Chemical Engineering
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Dec 2012 to Dec 2016
Master in Chemical Engineering
Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Sweden
Sep 2008 to Sep 2010
Bachelor in Chemical Engineering
University of the Punjab (ICET), Pakistan
Jan 2002 to Apr 2006


COMSATS Lahore Campus
Aug 2007 to Date
Shift Incharge (Chemical)
Dewan Salman Fibre
Mar 2007 to Aug 2007
Trainee Engineer
Engro Polymer, Karachi
Jul 2006 to Mar 2007
Trainee Engineer
Engro Polymer, Karachi
Jul 2006 to Mar 2007
Section Head Sales and Services (Chemical)
Westren Technologies (PVT) Limited
Feb 2006 to Jul 2006

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