Ms. Nayla Yousaf
Lecturer, Management Sciences
Area of Interest: Project management, Finance, Accounting, and Management
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  


Journal Papers:
1. Sajid Ali Khan, Naila Yosuf ,Uamara Sheikh, Imtiaz, Najam (2017), "Impact of HR Practices on University Teachers’ job motivation: A case study of the Universities of Lahore, Pakistan", EUROPEAN ACADEMIC RESEARCH, pp: ISSN 2286-4822, Vol: Vol. IV, Issue: Issue 11/ February 2017, Standard: 1805-3602, Impact Factor: 3.4546 (UIF)    (External URL)
2. Naila Yosuf, Binish Nauman (2015), "Examining Citizen’s Confidence in Institutions of Pakistan: An Analysis of Citizen’s Trust ", International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, Vol: Vol. 5,, Issue: Vol. 5,, Standard: 2222-6990, Impact Factor: 2014-02-13 03:21:49    (External URL)
3. Imtiaz Najam, Maleeha Gull, Naila Yosuf, Sajid Ali khan (2015), "Impact of Capital Structure on Financial Performance: A case study of Pakistan Textile Industry.(under review)", International Journal of Finance and Economics, Standard: 1099-1158, Impact Factor: 0.837   
4. Ms. Naila Yosuf (2014), "AN ANALYSIS OF FACULTY EVALUATION BY STUDENTS A CASE OF COMSATS UNIVERSITY LAHORE ", SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL-(Lahore)), pp: 939-948, Vol: 2, Issue: 26, Standard: 1013-5316     (External URL)
5. Maleeha Gull, Yahya Rashid, Naila Yosuf, Usman Rafiq (2014), "Boundary-Spanning Behaviors of Leaders and Project Team Performance: A Study on Software Projects of Punjab- Pakistan", Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, Vol: 4, Issue: 2824-1, Standard: 2090-424x    (External URL)


MSPM/Mphill ( Project Management)
COMSATS Lahore, Pakistan
Sep 2011 to Jun 2013
MBA (Finance)
Sep 2003 to Sep 2005


Feb 2007 to Date

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