Dr. Siddique Akhtar Ehsan
Assistant Professor, Physics
Area of Interest: Signal Processing and Imaging, Full Waveform modelling, Optics and Laser, Resistivity Modelling
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Signal processing includes acquisition, storage, filtering, display, and generation of signals, noise removal and recoding of signals. It is an essential element in the practice of all aspects of acoustics. Signal processing algorithms enable separation of signals from noise using a set of processing. All signal processing is digital signal processing and mostly results into interpretable images. I am also acquainted with resistivity data analysis to delineate karst zones.    


Journal Papers:
1. Sarfaraz, K., Amanat, M., Umair, N., Rizwan, M., Khawar, A., Siddique, A. E., (2021), "., Attribute analysis for characterising the reservoir potential of Gambat Latif Block, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan ", Journal of Seismic Exploration    
2. Jahangir, K., Siddique A.E., Shahrukh A., Jadoon, S. R., (2021), "Modelling the Cavities in Jhill Limestone, southern Pakistan: An Integration of Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Geotechnical Analysis", Journal of Karst Topography   
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4. Saif-Ur-Rehman, K. J., Ding, L., Siddique, A.E., Muhammad I., and Ishtiaq A. K. J., (2020), "Hydrocarbon Prospects, and Potential of Miano and Kadanwari Blocks, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan ", Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Impact Factor: 1.357   
5. Abdul S., Irfan, M., Azmat I., Faraz A. S., Junaid A., Arslan U., Hasan M., Hamid L. Muhammad I., and Siddique A. E. (2019), "Manipulation of electronic and transport properties of graphene atomic sheet through vacancy defects: first-principles numerical simulations based on density-functional-theory ", Material Research Express   
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10. Siddique, A.E., Alireza, M ?, and Mahdieh, D. (2012), "Re-processing and interpretation of 2D seismic data from the Kristineberg mining area, northern Sweden", Journal of Applied Geophysics, Impact Factor: 1.975   


Universitet de Barcelona, Espana
Sep 2011 to Dec 2014
MS in Physics
Uppsala University, Sweden
Aug 2008 to Aug 2011


Assistant Professor
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
Aug 2015 to Date

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