Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed
Assistant Professor, Energy Research Center
Area of Interest: Photocatalysis , OPV ,Solar Desalination , NanoChemistry of Biomedical ,DNA Sensor , synthesis /applications of hybrid polymers of bio /nanomaterials. Wastewater , Bio-refinery , Energy Efficiency /audit & project planning .
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  
Served Previously

Dr. Iftikhar   Ahmed ( Presidents Award 1997).

MSc. M. Phil. PhD. (France), Postdoc. (MIT/Masdar)

Research Areas: Chemistry of Photocatalysis , Photovoltaics , synthesis /applications of hybrid polymers of bio /nanomaterials. Wastewater ,  Bio-refinery , Energy audit & project planning .   

Introduction:   Dr. I. Ahmed   MRSC. MACS.  is serving Asst. Professor  at Energy Research Centre of COMSATS University Islamabad Lahore campus. Prior to this he has served  USAID –ASU/UET joint venture US-Pak center for advanced studies in energy as faculty / project lead for  laboratory Development  as well as USAID  industrial liaison. He has been pioneer lead author for MS/PhD curriculum of energy management & sustainability (EMS)  as well as Renewable energy engineering program. After formal  MSc, M.Phil   Presidents Award  from Institute of chemistry University of the Punjab and GCU Lahore, he  completed his PhD from University of Paris Sud France early 2013, with distinction & honorary title of Research faculty as well as an invited speaker to CALTECH  USA.  He returned and offered services in teaching and established a  SUN Lab. for industrial innovation  before proceeding to MIT /Masdar positions as research scientist /lecturer abroad.  

Dr. Ahmed with professional training in Adv. Project Management for engineers  from Oxford University  UK , possess a  mixed career of over 20 years with academia , industry and International organization such as UNIDO  , UNDP , USAID,  in energy , water and environment. He owns a track as trainer of sustainable development / media documentaries for UNO, WWF, ADNOC refinery with awards of excellence from French Society of Microscopy 2012, ADNOC -UAE 2016. He has co-supervised international MS dissertations at Masdar Institute vetted endorsed by MIT-USA in 2015-16, UET-ASU  2017-2018 and COMSATS 2019-2020.He has contributed /accomplished international research projects Such as Masdar city / Trevi-sysytem USA 2016 , Pak-US  Energy modeling  strategy 2017 UET-Arizona state University USA. Currently, there are two national projects are short listed for further consideration and about 03 projects are under review.


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