Dr. Jehangir Arshad
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Area of Interest: Smart and Intelligent Systems: Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, Energy Efficient and Secure 5G Wireless Communications
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (192)

Dr. Jehangir Arshad is HEC approved supervisor and currently working in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at CUI, Lahore as Assistant Professor (on HEC's Tenure Track System). He holds a B.Sc Computer Engineering degree from COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore, Pakistan (2010), and an M.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bradford,  England (2012). Afterward, he was awarded the A-category Chinese Government Scholarship to pursue his Ph. D. studies in Information and Communication Systems from the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Service Networks, Xidian University, Xi'an, P. R. China (2014-2017).

Dr. Jehangir Arshad is an active researcher having 74 international research publications with an accumulative impact factor of 132+ and 950+ research citations. He has supervised 2 master's students and co-supervised 4 master's students with 9 undergraduate projects at COMSATS University.

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As First Author/Co-First Author/Corresponding (Journals) = 23

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As First Author (Conferences) = 07

As Co-Author Journal (Conferences) = 12

His research interests include work on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, efficient resource allocation in Massive MIMO cell-free networks, user authentication schemes in future communication systems, and next-generation medicare systems.

Dr Jehangir Arshad is also working with many international Journals as a reviewer and Technical Programme Committee member with the following details.

  • Future Generation Computer Systems (Impact Factor = 7.187)
  • Sensor (Impact Factor = 3.847)
  • Applied Sciences (Impact Factor = 2.838)
  • CMC-Computers Materials & Continua, TechScience Press (Impact Factor = 3.778)
  • Expert Systems, Willey & Sons (Impact Factor = 2.587)
  • Reviewer of IEEE Access (Impact Factor = 3.5)
  • Reviewer of IET Electronics Letter (Impact Factor = 1.279)
  • Reviewer of Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing (Impact Factor = 1.276)
  • Reviewer of Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology (Impact Factor = 0.736)
  • IET Communications (Impact Factor = 1.408)
  • Reviewer GLOBECOM. Conference (Indexed by IEEE Xplore)
  • Member Technical Committee IWEEE 2021, Wuhan, China (Indexed by IEEE Xplore)
  • Member Technical Committee ICEET 2020, Lahore Pakistan (Indexed by IEEE Xplore)
  • Member Technical Committee as a reviewer in the 29th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks - SoftCOM 2021. Hvar Croatia (Indexed by IEEE Xplore)

He has taught Advanced Computer Architecture at the MS level. Digital signal processing, Data Communications and Computer Networks, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Computer System Architecture, Electric Circuit Analysis, and Digital Logic Design at the undergraduate level.

Completed Projects/FYPs:

  1. Intelligent Control of Robotic Arm Using Brain Computer Interface and Artificial Intelligence, 2021-2022
  2. Smart parking system, 2021-2022. IGNITE Funding Approved
  3. The development of an Intelligent and Secure Cattle Health Monitoring System has Been Selected for PEC Capstone Expo-2022. IGNITE Funding Approved
  4. Smart Parking System. IGNITE Funding Approved
  5. Implementation of a LoRaWAN-based smart agriculture decision support system for optimum crop yield 2020-2021
  6. Deployment of WSN and IOT platform for the implementation of smart dairy, National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative 2020-21. https://ignite.org.pk/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/NGIRI-2020-21-List-of-Shortlisted-FYPs.pdf
  7. Classification of human facial portrait using EEG processing and Deep Learning Algorithms.
  8. Development of Two-Party Authentication Scheme in Device Automation System by using TCP/IP Protocol Suit and Embedded Systems (2018 - 2019), Start-up Research Grant Program, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, for 1 year. Project No. 1992, 0.407 million Rupees, 2020.

Funded Projects:

Completed Projects:
1. 'Implementation of an intelligent parking system' (2022 - 2022) PIs: Dr. Jehangir Arshad , Budget: PKR 80K, Funded By: IGNITE (Web Link).
2. Deployment of Intelligent and Secure Cattle Health Monitoring System (2022 - 2022) PIs: Dr. Jehangir Arshad , Budget: PKR 80K, Funded By: IGNITE (Web Link).
3. Intelligent Control of Robotic Arm using Brain Computer Interface and Neural Networks (2022 - 2022) PIs: Dr. Jehangir Arshad , Budget: PKR 80K, Funded By: IGNITE (Web Link).
4. Deployment of WSN and IOT platform for the implementation of smart dairy (2021 - 2021) PIs: Dr. Jehangir Arshad , Budget: 80K, Funded By: National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative 2020-21 (Web Link).
5. Development of Two-Party Authentication Scheme in Device Automation System by using TCP/IP Protocol Suit and Embedded Systems (2018 - 2019) PIs: Dr. Jehangir Arshad , Budget: PKR .407m, Funded By: HEC .


Journal Papers:
1. Jehangir Arshad, T. A. Siddiqui, M. I. Sheikh, M. S. Waseem and A. Nawaz, A. Rehman, and E. T. Eldin (2023), "Deployment of an intelligent and secure cattle health monitoring system", Egyptian Informatics Journal, Impact Factor: 4.195   
2. Jehangir Arshad, M. A. AShraf, H. M. Asim, N. Rasool, M. H. Jaffery, S. I. Bhatti (2023), "Health Monitoring and Posture Detection Multi-mode Electric wheelchair using Machine Learning Techniques", Electronics, MDPI, Impact Factor: 2.690   
3. M. Jawad, H. Asghar, Jehangir Arshad, A. Javed, M. B. Qureshi, S. M. Ali, N. Shabbir and A. Rassolkin (2023), "A novel renewable powered stand-alone electric vehicle parking-lot model", Sustainable Energy, Grids, and Networks, Impact Factor: 5.510    (External URL)
4. M. A. Okoth, R. Shang, L. Jiao, Jehangir Arshad, A. Rehman, and H. Hamam (2022), "A Large scale Evolutionary Algorithm based on Determinantal Point Processes for Large scale Multi-objective Optimization Problems", Electronics, MDPI, pp: 3317, Vol: 20, Issue: 11, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/electronics11203317, Impact Factor: 2.690   
5. Jehangir Arshad, A. Qaisar, A. Rehman, M. Shakir, M. K. Nazir, A. Rehman, E.T. Eldin, N. A. Ghamry, H. Hamam (2022), "Intelligent Control of Robotic Arm using Brain Computer Interface and Neural Networks”, Applied Sciences", Applied Sciences, MDPI, pp: 10813, Vol: 21, Issue: 12, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/app122110813, Impact Factor: 2.679   
6. T. Shakeel, Jehangir Arshad *, M. H. Jaffery, A. Rehman, E.D. Eldin, N. A. Ghamry, M. Shafiq (2022), "An Empirical Investigation of Control Methods X3D Quadrotor Feedback Projection Control", Applied Sciences, Impact Factor: 2.838   
7. F. Azeem, A. Ahmad, T. M. Gondal, Jehangir Arshad, A. Rehman, E. M. T. E. Din, M. Shafiq, H. Hamam (2022), "Load Management and Optimal Sizing of Special Purpose Microgrids using Two Stage PSO-Fuzzy Based Hybrid Approach", Energies, MDPI, Impact Factor: 3.252   
8. Jehangir Arshad, Ayesha Khan, Marrium, M. Hussain, A. Rehman, S. Khurram, M. Shafiq, and Jin-Ghoo Choi (2022), "Real-Time Implementation of a High Power Three-Phase Hybrid Shunt Active Harmonic Power Filter using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation", CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Impact Factor: 3.772   
9. F. Mahmood, Jehangir Arshad, M. T. B. Othman, M. F. Hayat, N. Bhatti; M. H. Jaffery, A. Rehman, H. Hamam (2022), "Implementation of an Intelligent Exam Supervision System using Deep Learning Algorithms", Sensors, MDPI, Impact Factor: 3.847   
10. Jehangir Arshad, H. M. Asim, M. A. Ashraf, M. H. Jaffery, K. S. Zaidi, A. Rehman, M. D. Amatie (2022), "A Smart and Cost-efficient to prevent the bad posture effects in offices or work desks using machine learning", Computational Intelligence and Neuro Science, Impact Factor: 3.120   
11. Jehangir Arshad*, A.Rehman, A. U. Rehman, M. T. B. Othman, M. Ahmad, H. B. Tariq, M. A. Khalid, M. A. R. Moosa, M. Shafiq, H. HAmam (2022), "Deployment of Wireless Sensor Network and IoT Platform to Implement an Intelligent Animal Monitoring System", Sus, pp: 6249, Vol: 10, Issue: 14, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/su14106249, Impact Factor: 3.251    (External URL)
12. M. H. Jaffery, M. A. Ashraf, A. Almogren , H. M. Asim Jehangir Arshad , J. Khan, A. Rehman, and S. Hussen (2022), "FSR-Based Smart System for Detection of Wheelchair Sitting Postures Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques", Journal of Sensors, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1155/2022/1901058, Impact Factor: 2.137    (External URL)
13. M. S. Mazhar, Y. Saleem, A. Almogren, Jehangir Arshad*, M. H. Jaffery, A. Rehman, M. Shafiq and H. Hamam (2022), "Forensic Analysis on Internet of Things (IoT) Device using Machine to Machine (M2M) Framework", Electronics, MDPI, Impact Factor: 2.397   
14. Sajid Sarwar, Muhammad Yaqoob Javed, Mujtaba Hussain Jaffery, Jehangir Arshad *, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Muhammad Shafiq, and Jin-Ghoo Choi (2022), " A Novel Hybrid MPPT Technique to Maximize Power Harvesting from PV System under Partial and Complex Partial Shading", Applied Sciences, pp: 587, Vol: 12, Issue: 2, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/app12020587, Impact Factor: 2.679    (External URL)
15. Jehangir Arshad, M. Aziz,A. A. Al-Huqail,*,M. H. Zaman,M. Husnain,A. Rehman, and M. Shafiq (2022), "Implementation of a LoRaWAN Based Smart Agriculture Decision Support System for Optimum Crop Yield", Sustainability, pp: 827, Vol: 14, Issue: 2, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/su14020827, Impact Factor: 3.251    (External URL)
16. Awais Hassan, Maida Shahid, Faisal Hayat, Jehangir Arshad, Mujtaba H. Jaffery, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Kalim Ullah , Seada Hussen , Habib Hamam (2022), "Improving the Survival Time of Multi-agents in Social Dilemmas through Neurotransmitter based Deep Q-Learning Model of Emotions", Journal of Healthcare Engineering, Impact Factor: 2.682   
17. A. Khalid, M. H. Jaffery, M. Y. Javed, A.Yousaf, Jehangir Arshad, A. Rehman, A. Haider, M. M. Althobaiti, H. Hamam, M. Shafiq (2021), "Performance Analysis of Mars Powered Descent based Landing in Constrained Optimization Control Framewor", Energies, MDPI, Impact Factor: 3.004   
18. Raffay Rizwan, Jehangir Arshad *, A. Almogren, Mujtaba H. Jaffery, A. Yousaf, Ayesha Khan, A. Rehman, and M. Shafiq * (2021), "Implementation of ANN-based embedded hybrid power filter using HIL-topology with real-time data visualization through Node-RED", Energies, MDPI, pp: 7127, Vol: 21, Issue: 14, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/en14217127, Impact Factor: 3.004   
19. Ayesha Khan, M. Hussain, Y. Javed, Jehangir Arshad, A. Rehman, Rabia Khan, M. Bajaj, and Kabar (2021), "Real-Time Implementation of a High Power Three-Phase Hybrid Shunt Active Harmonic Power Filter using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation", Mathematical Modeling in Engineering, Impact Factor: 1.305    (External URL)
20. SA Haider, M Zeeshan, M Irshad, SM Noman, Jehangir Arshad, SMA Shah (2021), "The inclusive analysis of ICT ethical issues on healthy society: a global digital divide approach", Procedia Computer Science, pp: 801-806, Vol: 183, Impact Factor: 0.833   
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Conference Papers:
1. Jehangir Arshad, A. Rehman, S. G. Niazi, T. R. Soomro, D. Kalra, and W. Mansoor (2022) "A Review on Security Attacks and countermeasure in Home Area Network (HAN)", International Conference on Cyber Resilience   
2. Jehangir Arshad, Saqib S. , Talha Y., Amna K., Zanib Z., Ateeq Ur Rehman, Mohit B. and Subhashree C. (2022) "Classification of human Facial Portrait using EEG Signal Processing and Deep Learning Algorithms", 2nd International Conference on Intelligent and Cloud Computing (ICICC-2021)   
3. 2. A. Rehman, Jehangir Arshad, M. T. Sadiq, A. Rehman, M. Ahmad, M. K. Hasan, H. A. Hamadi and T. Faiz (2022) "Implementation of an Intelligent Animal Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network and IoT Platform", International Conference on Cyber Resilience   
4. Rabia Khan, Ayesha Khan, Jehangir Arshad, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Abdul Rehman and Anand Paul (2021) "Analysis on Optimal Location of Centralized Generation and Storage in DC Microgrids for Rural Electrification", The 17th International Conference on Multimedia and IT (MITA 2021)   
5. Satyajit Das, Satyajit Mohanty, Nimay Chandra Giri, Jehangir Arshad and Subhashree Choudhury (2021) "Experimental Validation and Analysis on Parametric Variations in Wind Energy Conversion System", Advances in Intelligent Computing and Communication: Proceedings of ICAC 2021   
6. A. F. Hussain, F. Ajaz, N. Ahmed, Hima Stephen, Y. Li, M. Mujib, Jehangir Arshad, and P. K. Das, (2021) "Zig bee and GSM based Security", International Conference on Advance Computing and Innovation in Engineering    
7. Jehangir Arshad, Muhammad Abu Bakar Siddique, Zainab Zulfiqar, Amna Khokhar, Saqib Salim, Talha Younas, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Adeel Asad (2020) "A Novel Remote User Authentication Scheme by using Private Blockchain-Based Secure Access Control for Agriculture Monitoring", 2020 International Conference on Engineering and Emerging Technologies (ICEET)    (External URL)
8. Jehangir Arshad, Saqib Salim, Talha Younas, Melkamu Deressa Amentie, Ghulam Farid, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Amna Khokhar (2020) "A Study on Device Automation: An Integration of Internet protocols and Embedded System", 2020 International Conference on Engineering and Emerging Technologies (ICEET)    (External URL)
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Ph.D. Information and Communication Systems
Xidian University, Xi'an, Shanxi, China
Sep 2014 to Jul 2017
MS Electrical and Electronics Engineering
University of Bradford, England
Jan 2011 to Jul 2012
BS Computer Engineering
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan
Sep 2006 to Jul 2010
Garrison Degree College, Lahore Cant., Pakistan
Aug 2004 to Jul 2006
Syed Public High School, Lahore Cant., Pakistan
Apr 2002 to Dec 2004


Assistant Professor
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
Sep 2019 to Date
Assistant Professor
COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus
Jan 2018 to Sep 2019
COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus
Aug 2012 to Dec 2017

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