Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Tahir
Lecturer, Computer Science
Area of Interest: Formal Methods, Software Engineering
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  


Hafiz Muhammad Tahir had completed his BS (Computer Science) degree from COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD, SAHIWAL Campus in 2012. After that he joined Red Signal Inc. as a Software Engineer. He left his job in 2013 to get higher education and he got admission offer from reputed universities of Lahore and Islamabad, but he decided to get admission in his native city Sahiwal in COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD, SAHIWAL Campus. He completed his MS (Computer Science) degree from this University with a distinction. He has secured 1st position in MS(CS).

Research Experience:

HE has participated in many international research conferences as an attendee and a presenter of his own research. He has presented papers in IEEE and other international conferences and continuing his research as well as academic activities. His research interests Include formal methods, software engineering, formal and semi-formal approaches to software development, a wide range of data science topics as knowledge discovery and pattern recognition through big data.

Academic Career:

He joined Government post graduate College Sahiwal as a contract teaching assistant during MS degree, after that he joined COMSATS SAHIWAL as a Lab Engineer while his MS(CS) was not complete. After Completing MS(CS) degree, he was appointed as a Lecturer in COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD, SAHIWAL Campus. He had got 1st position in NTS GAT Subject test for faculty positions in the whole faculty of COMSATS. Later, He moved to COMSATS Lahore Campus due to some domestic reasons and presently serving in COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD, LAHORE Campus.

Future Plans:

He has received Indigenous PhD scholarship from Higher Education Commission Pakistan. He has also secured 75% marks in Higher Education Commission Aptitude Test for overseas PhD scholarship. He has plan to further his research and make useful research contribution in world and further his education to get a research-based degree from a well reputed International Institute and become beneficial for the society.


Courses Taught:

  1. Introduction to computer programming using c++
  2. Fundamentals of computer programming using c
  3. Object oriented programming (Lab)
  4. Data Structures (Lab)
  5. Design patterns
  6. Introduction to software engineering
  7. Software engineering concepts
  8. Formal methods in software development
  9. Assembly language (Lab)
  10. Computing for management

Teaching Resources:

Students can get any help from this following online resource in which lecture slides, online lecture and lab videos, course outline and Books of the course are available.


Conference Papers:
1. H. M. Tahir, N. A. Zafar (2016) "Formal Access Control Model of Important Security Properties", 2016 1st National Conference on Trends and Innovations in Information Technology (TIIT)   
2. M. Nadeem, H. M. Tahir, Z. Raza and N. A. Zafar (2015) "Formalism of Deterministic Finite Automata based Vending Machine using VDM-SL", 2015 1st National Conference on Dependable Embedded Wireless and Sensing Networks (DEWSNet'15)   
3. H. M. Tahir, M. Nadeem, A. Shouket, Z. Raza,S. Hussain and N. A. Zafar (2015) "Formalization of security properties using VDM-SL", 2015 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT)   
4. H. M. Tahir, M. Nadeem and N. A. Zafar (2015) "Specifying electronic health system with vienna development method specification language", 2015 National Software Engineering Conference (NSEC)   


COMSATS University ISlamabad, Sahiwal Campus, PAkistan
Sep 2013 to Jan 2016
COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus, Pakistan
Sep 2008 to Aug 2012


COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
2018 to Date
COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus
2016 to 2018
Lab Engineer
COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus
2015 to 2016
Government Post Graduate College Sahiwal
2014 to 2014
Software Engineer
Red Signal
2013 to 2013

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