Ms. Momina Shaheen
Lecturer, Computer Science
Area of Interest: Software Engineering, Agent-based Modelling and Simulations, Multiagent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Data Mining
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  
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I am an academician from a software engineering background, specialized in Agent–based Modelling, Usability Engineering and Data Mining. I received my MS Software Engineering degree from Bahria University Islamabad. My research interests revolve around socio-technical systems, particularly focusing on crowd dynamics and simulation.

The areas of my research are:

  • Game-theoretic experimentation of the social phenomenon, using agent-based modeling and simulations.
  • Experiments to enhance the quality of user interfaces of the computational devices.

Besides, I am a skilled and determined software engineer with a strong command over the subjects such as software metrics, engineering, testing, quality assurance and its economics, data mining, formal methods, artificial intelligence, and data structure and algorithms.



  • Deep Learning Application for Autonomous Vehicles using federated learning techniques
  • Graduate Admission Predictor using ML Algorithms
  • Vehicle Security and Drowsiness Detection
  • Skin Cancer and type prediction through classification of skin lesion images
  • Path Navigator using Augmented Reality
  • Roman Urdu ChatBot for Restaurants
  • Revival of ShahiQila : A game with 3D Models


Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources: Spring 2020


Journal Papers:
1. Momina Shaheen, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Tariq Umer, Byung-Seo Kim (2022), "Applications of federated learning; Taxonomy, challenges, and research trends", MDPI Electronics, Vol: 11, Issue: 4, Impact Factor: 2.4    (External URL)
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Conference Papers:
1. M Shaheen, T Anees, MJ Anjum, A Anum (2020) "Usability Engineering Process for Medical Devices", Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference, 2020   
2. Momina Shaheen, Tayyaba Anees, Nisar Hussain, Iqra Obaid (2019) "A Research on SOA in the IT Industry of Pakistan", Proceedings of the 2019 5th International Conference on Computer and Technology Applications, pp: 149-154, Standard: ISBN: 978-1-4503-7181-0     (External URL)
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Ph. D (Computer Science)
University of Management and Technology, Lahore , Pakistan
Feb 2018 to Feb 2022
MS (Software Engineering)
Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan
Sep 2014 to Sep 2016
BS (Information Technology)
Islamia University Bahawalpur , Pakistan
Oct 2010 to Aug 2014


COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
May 2018 to Date
University of Lahore, Pakpattan Campus
Sep 2017 to May 2018
Lecturer (Visiting Faculty)
Islamia University Bahawalpur, Bahawal Nagar Campus
Sep 2016 to Aug 2017

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