Mr. Muhammad Farhan
Lecturer, Computer Science
Area of Interest: Computer vision, Image processing, Machine learning
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

(More importantly for FYP students) My research interests mainly revolve around projects that involve images (or even satellite/thermal imagery), cameras, videos, tracking etc, so you are most welcome to ask for supervision/co-supervision if the applications are related to (but not limited to) image based monitoring, surveillance, segmentation or measurements.  


Journal Papers:
1. Wasif Akbar, Wei-ping Wu, Sehrish Saleem, Muhammad Farhan, Muhammad Asim Saleem, Ashir Javeed, Liaqat Ali (2020), "Development of Hepatitis Disease Detection System by Exploiting Sparsity in Linear Support Vector Machine to Improve Strength of AdaBoost Ensemble Model", Mobile Information Systems, pp: 9, Vol: 2020, Standard: 1875-905X, Impact Factor: 1.5    (External URL)
2. • John Soldera, Guilherme Schu, Lucas Royes Schardosim, Eric Tadiello Beltrao, Muhammad Farhan, Jacob Scharcanski (2017), "Facial biometrics and applications", IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magzine , pp: 4-30, Vol: 20, Issue: 2, Standard: 1094-6969, Impact Factor: 1.895    (External URL)
3. Mona Omidyeganeh, Shervin Shirmohammadi, Shabnam Abtahi, Aasim Khurshid, Muhammad Farhan, Jacob Scharcanski, Behnoosh Hariri, Daniel Laroche, Luc Martel (2016), "Yawning Detection Using Embedded Smart Cameras", IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement, pp: 570-582, Vol: 65, Issue: 3, Standard: 0018-9456, Impact Factor: 2.794    (External URL)


University of Nottingham, UK
Sep 2009 to Feb 2011
NWFP UET Peshawar, Pakistan
Sep 2004 to Aug 2008


COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore
May 2018 to Date
Univ of sci and tech Bannu
Apr 2011 to Apr 2014
Kohat University of science and technology
Sep 2008 to Mar 2009

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