Dr. Mustansara Yaqub
Assistant Professor, IRCBM
Area of Interest: nanomaterials, polyoxometalates, electrochemical sensors & biosensors, conducting polymers
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  


Journal Papers:
1. M. Yaqub, J. Walsh, F. Laffir, P. Olstoorn, L. Kailas, R. Foster, T. Keyes, T. McCormac, (2018), "Polypyrrole entrapped 18-molybdodisulphate anion for the detection of hydrogen peroxide", Electrochimica Acta, pp: 78-86, Vol: 287, Impact Factor: 5.11   
2. Abdur Raheem, Zia ur Rehman, Nawshad Muhammad, Fozia Rehman, Mustansara Yaqub (2017), "A non-enzymatic glucose sensor based on CuO nanostructure modified carbon ceramic electrode", Journal of Molecular liquids, pp: 425, Vol: 248, Impact Factor: 4.5   
3. Muhammad Nasir, Mian Hasnain Nawaz,Usman Latif, Mustansara Yaqub, Akhtar Hayat, Abdur Rahim (2017), "An overview on enzyme-mimicking nanomaterials for use in electrochemical and optical assays", Microchimica Acta, pp: 323, Vol: 184, Impact Factor: 5.7   
4. Marjan Majdinasab, Mustansara Yaqub, Abdur Rahim, Gaelle Catanante, Akhtar Hayat, Jean Louis Marty (2017), "An Overview on Recent Progress in Electrochemical Biosensors for Antimicrobial Drug Residues in Animal-Derived Food", Sensors, pp: 1947, Vol: 17, Impact Factor: 2.47   
5. M. Yaqub, S. Imar, F. Laffir, G. Armstrong, T. McCormac (2015), "Investigations into the Electrochemical, Surface and Electrocatalytic Properties of the Surface Immobilised Polyoxometalate, TBA3K[SiW10O36(PhPO)2]", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces , pp: 1046, Vol: 7, Impact Factor: 8.09   
6. S. Imar, M. Yaqub, C. Maccato, C. Dickinson, F. Laffir, M. Vagin, T. McCormac (2015), "Nitrate and Nitrite Electrocatalytic Reduction at Layer-by-Layer Films Composed of Dawson-type Heteropolyanions Mono-substituted with Transitional Metal Ions and Silver Nanoparticles", Electrochim.Acta, pp: 323, Vol: 184, Impact Factor: 5.11   
7. M. Yaqub, J. J. Walsh, T. E. Keyes, A. Proust, C. Rinfray, G. Izzet, T. McCormac, R. J. Forster (2014), "Electron Transfer to Covalently Immobilized Keggin Polyoxotungstates on Gold", Langmuir, pp: 4509, Vol: 30, Impact Factor: 3.78   
8. N. Anwar, A. Sartorel, M. Yaqub, K. Wearen, F. Laffir, G. Armstrong, C. Dickinson, M Bonchio, T. McCormac (2014), "Surface Immobilization of a Tetra-Ruthenium Substituted Polyoxometalate Water Oxidation Catalyst through the Employment of Conducting Polypyrrole and the Layer by Layer Technique (LBL)", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces , pp: 8022, Vol: 6, Impact Factor: 8.09   
9. M. F. Sabar, F. Iqbal, M. Shahid, M. Usman, M. Yaqub (2013), "Synthesis and Bioactivity Study of 30 KDa Linear PEG-Interferon and its Comparison with Tri-Branched PEG-Interferon", J. Chem. Soc. Pak, pp: 1, Vol: 35, Impact Factor: 0.35   
10. M. F. Sabar, M. Yaqub, M. A. Khan, N. Ahmed, M. Usman, M. Shahid (2010), "Synthesis of a new tri-branched PEG-IFN a-2 and its impact on anti viral bioactivity", Int. J. Pept. Res. Ther, pp: 239, Vol: 16, Impact Factor: 0.91   


Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk, Ireland
Apr 2009 to Feb 2015
Institute of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Mar 2004 to Apr 2006
Institute of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Sep 2001 to Aug 2003


Assistant Professor
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
Apr 2016 to Date
Assistant Professor
Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
Oct 2015 to Mar 2016
Research Officer (BPS-17)
Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (PU), Pakistan
Apr 2006 to Aug 2009

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