Mr. Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Area of Interest: Software Design and Architecture, Distributed Software Development, Software Engineering Management
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  


I have been into software engineering for quite some years now and have held research, industry, and teaching positions at various institutions and research groups. I am mainly interested in applying SE principles and processes for development of effective tools and efficient techniques. More specifically, my areas of interest include but are not limited to Global Software Development, Software Architecture, Empirical Methods in Software Engineering, Software Services, and Health Informatics.

I am open to supervising challenging final year projects and mutually beneficial research collaborations. However, those anticipate working with me are advised to bring up their ideas in black and white for more fruitful input from my side.

I am not a social-media enthusiast. However, my Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Scholar do exist. In my other life, I like reading different types of literature, travel, visit new places and observe diverse cultures. Also like to walk out on chilly evenings and contemplate things in and around me. At times relish drinking cappuccino with some brownies.

Some of my teaching resources can be found at YouTube.

Research Publications

-Muhammad Shahid Bhatti, Syed Asad Hussain, Abdul Qayyum, Imran Latif, Muhammad Hasnain, Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi: Sab - íomha: An Automated Image Forgery Detection Technique Using Alpha Channel Steganography. Accepted for publication to WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, Madeira, Portugal, April 11-13, 2017

-Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Ita Richardson: Global Requirements Engineering on the Cloud. In the 8th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE 2013), Bari, Italy, August, 2013

-Josiane Kroll, Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Ita Richardson, Jorge Audy: A Systematic Literature Review of Best Practices and Challenges in Follow-the-Sun Software Development. PARIS Workshop: Methods and Tools for Project/Architecture/Risk Management in Globally Distributed Software Development Projects. Collocated with the 8th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE 2013), Bari, Italy, August, 2013

-Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Fuyuki Ishikawa, and Ita Richardson: A Communication Process for Global Requirements Engineering. In proceedings of the International Conference on Software and System Process (ICSSP 2013), San Francisco, USA, May, 2013, pp: 136-140

-Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Viktor Clerc, Maryam Razavian, Christina Manteli, Damian Andrew Tamburri, Patricia Lago, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Ita Richardson: Using the Cloud to Facilitate Global Software Development Challenges. ICGSE (International Conference on Global Software Engineering) Workshops 2011, pp: 70-77

-Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Rafiqul Haque, Eric Schmieders, Ita Richardson: Negotiation towards Service Level Agreements: A Life Cycle Based Approach. 7th IEEE World Congress on Services, Washington DC USA, SERVICES 2011, pp: 1-8

-Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Stephen Lane, Dimka Karastoyanova and Ita Richardson: A CMMI Based Configuration Management Framework to Manage the Quality of Service Based Applications, In Proceedings of European Conference on Software Process Improvement, Grenoble, France, 1st-3rd Sept, 2010. Available online:

-Vispi Shroff, Louise Reid, Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Gerard Mulligan, Daniel Sheehy, Keyang Xiang, Ita Richardson: Development of a Software Quality Plan for Hospitals. HEALTHINF 2011, pp: 587-591 

-Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi and Jongmoon Baik, Quantitative Process Improvement in XP Using Six Sigma Tools. Seventh IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science, 2008. ICIS 08. May 2008, pp: 519-524

-Ahmad Ibrahim, Syed Ahsan Fahmi, Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, and Ho-Jin Choi, Addressing Effective Hidden Web Search Using Iterative Deepening Search and Graph Theory. IEEE 8th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology Workshops, CIT Workshops, July 2008, pp: 145-149

-Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi and Jongmoon Baik, Software Quality Assurance in XP and Spiral - A Comparative Study. International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications, ICCSA 2007. pp: 367-374

-Satyananda, Tonny Kurniadi, Danhyung Lee, Sungwon Kang, and Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Identifying Traceability between Feature Model and Software Architecture in Software Product Line using Formal Concept Analysis. International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications, ICCSA 2007. pp: 380-388

-Ahmad Ibrahim, Ho-Jin Choi, and Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Customized Process for BPO Using CMMI for SW Focused Products. International Conference on Convergence Information Technology, 2007. pp: 966-970 


KAIST, South Korea
University of South Asia, Pakistan


Assistant Professor
CIIT Lahore
2016 to Date
Doctoral Researcher
Lero-the Irish Software Research Centre
2010 to 2015
Visiting Lecturer
University of Limerick, Ireland
2014 to 2014
Visiting Lecturer
Griffith College, Ireland
2014 to 2014
Research Intern
National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan
Mar 2012 to Jun 2012
Software Process Engineer
SNS Technologies
2008 to 2009
Research Assistant
SPIRAL (Software Process Improvement Research and Application) Lab, KAIST
2006 to 2008

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