Dr. Muhammad Usman
Assistant Professor, Management Sciences
Area of Interest: N/A
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  


Journal Papers:
1. Muzammil, M., Zafar, S., Aziz, S., Bhutta, M. U., & Amir-Ud-Din, R. (2021), "(2021). Maternal Correlates of Poliomyelitis Vaccination Uptake: Evidence from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. ", The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene   
2. Amir-ud-Din, R., Zafar, S., Muzammil, M., Shabbir, R., Malik, S., & Usman, M. (2021), "Exploring the Relationship Between Maternal Occupation and Under-Five Mortality: Empirical Evidence from 26 Developing Countries.", The European Journal of Development Research   
3. Amir-ud-Din, R., Naz, L., Rubi, A., Usman, M., & Ghimire, U (2021), "Impact of high-risk fertility behaviours on underfive mortality in Asia and Africa: evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys. ", BMC pregnancy and childbirth, pp: 1-14, Vol: 21, Issue: (1)   
4. TASAWAR, A., USMAN, D. M., & NAZIR, D. S. (2021), "The Relationship in Accrual Earnings Management and Real Earnings Management in Context of Pakistan. Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government Vol, 27(5).", Journal of contemporary issues on Business and government   
5. Khan, M. I., Akhter, W., & Bhutta, U. (2020), "Interest Rate Exposure and Stocks Returns during Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Islamic and Conventional Markets. ", Journal of Islamic Business and Management   
6. Fatima, H., Haque, A., & Usman, M (2020), "Is there any association between real earnings management and crash risk of stock price during uncertainty? An evidence from family-owned firms in an emerging economy.", Future Business Journal, pp: 1-12, Vol: 6, Issue: (1)   
7. Khan, M. I., Akhter, W., & Bhutta, M. U. (2020), "Nexus between Volatility of Stocks and Macroeconomic Factors during Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Conventional & Islamic Stocks.", Journal of Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies   
8. Amir-ud-Din, R., Mahmood, H. Z., Javed, S. A., & Usman, M. (2019). (2019), " Divisive and inegalitarian? Economic and social outcomes of public, private and faith-based education in Pakistan.", Pakistan Journal of Economic Studies    
9. Usman, M., Jibran, M. A. Q., Amir-ud-Din, R., & Akhter, W. (2019), "Decoupling hypothesis of Islamic stocks: Evidence from copula CoVaR approach.", Borsa Istanbul Review, , pp: S56-S63., Vol: 19 , Impact Factor: 2.1   
10. Amir-ud-Din, R., Usman, M., Abbas, F., & Javed, S. A. (2019), " Human versus physical capital: issues of accumulation, interaction and endogeneity. , ", Economic Change and Restructuring, pp: 351-382., Vol: 52, Issue: (4), Impact Factor: 1.5   
11. Maxim Pecionchin, Muhammad Usman (2015), "Data Mining Twitter to Predict Stock Market Movements,", Economy and Sociology, Vol: 1, Standard: ISSN: 1857-4130    


UIBE, China
Sep 2010 to Jun 2015
IMS-BZU, Pakistan
Jan 2007 to Jan 2009
BZU, Pakistan
Sep 2004 to Aug 2006

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