Dr. Naim Rashid
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Area of Interest: Water Treatment using Coagulation/flocculation/precipitation Techniques; Wastewater (industrial/municipal) Treatment, Bio-energy Production from Waste Bio-resources, Carbon Sequestration and Bio fuels Production using Micro algae
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Dr. Naim Rashid earned Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus. He also worked as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, San Diego, and Arizona State University, USA. He served as a Scientist at the University of Leipzig, Germany. His past experience also includes working as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus. He has published 40 articles in top-tier journals (Q1 and Q2 ranked in Environmental-Energy-Chemical) with a total impact factor of 170. His work has been cited >1200 times in peer review press (h index: 18, i-h index: 24).

He has extensive experience in chemical and biochemical processes and design. Dr. Rashid has >9 years’ experience in teaching graduate and undergraduate students, drafting proposals, technical writing and proofreading, experimental design and execution, data organization interpretation, and presentation. He is executing several research projects. He is the panel reviewer of R & D organization for research projects and SCI journals. He has been awarded fully funded scholarships and fellowships by various government organizations (US, Europe, Korea, and Pakistan) throughout his career. He is the recipient of several national and international awards as an acknowledgment of his outstanding research on promoting green technology and environmental sustainability.

Among many of his distinctions, recently, he received:

  • Fulbright Scholar Award, University of California, San Diego, USA.
  • International Green Talent Award-2015, conferred by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany
  • Global Young Academy fellow membership (2017-2022)


Journal Papers:
1. Naim Rashid*, W. Park, T. Selvaratnam. (2018), "Binary culture of microalgae as an integrated approach for enhanced biomass and metabolites productivity, wastewater treatment, and bioflocculation", Chemosphere, Impact Factor: 4.4   
2. M. Rizwan, Naim Rashid*, G. Mujtaba, K. Lee (2018), "Exploring the potential of microalgae for new biotechnology applications and beyond: A review", Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Impact Factor: 9.1   
3. A. Sajjad, Naim Rashid*, M. Rizwan, G. Mujtaba. (2017), "Chitosan as a flocculant: An approach to improve its solubility for efficient harvesting of microalgae", Korean Chemical Engineering Research, Impact Factor: 0.92   
4. SMH. Gardezi, T. Ashfaq, Naim Rashid, A. Pervez, Q. Mahmood, MM. Shah, M. Bilal. (2016), "Effective adsorption of cationic dye from aqueous solution using low-cost corncob in batch and column studies", Desalination and Water Treatment, Impact Factor: 1.3   
5. Adsorption of brilliant green dye on biochar prepared from lignocellulosic bioethanol plant waste (2016), "MS. Rehman, I. Kim, Naim Rashid, JI. Han", CLEAN-Soil, Air, Water., Impact Factor: 1.3   
6. Naim Rashid, MS. Rehman, JI. Han (2015), "Enhanced growth rate and lipid production of freshwater microalgae by adopting two-stage cultivation system under diverse light and nutrients conditions.", Water and Environment, Impact Factor: 1.2   
7. MS. Rehman, Naim Rashid, M. Ashfaq, A. Saif, N. Ahmad, JI. Han (2015), "Global risk of pharmaceutical contamination from highly populated developing countries", Chemosphere, Impact Factor: 4.4   
8. Fayyaz Ahmed, Naim Rashid, Qaisar Mahmood (2014), "Co-digestion, pretreatment and digester design for enhanced methanogenesis", Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Impact Factor: 5.90   
9. Cui Feng, Naim Rashid (2014), "Electricity generation and microalgae cultivation in microbial fuel cell using microalgae-enriched anode and bio-cathode", Energy Conversion and Management, Impact Factor: 4.38   
10. Naim et al (2013), "Enhanced electricity generation by using algae biomass and activated sludge in microbial fuel cell", Science of the Total Environment, Impact Factor: 4.09   
11. Naim et al (2013), "Rapid harvesting of freshwater microalgae using chitosan", Process Biochemistry, Impact Factor: 2.51   
12. Naim et al (2013), "Recycling and reuse of spent algal biomass for sustainable algal biofuels", Biochemical Engineering Journal, Impact Factor: 2.46   
13. Naim et al (2013), "Use of chitosan acid solutions to improve separation efficiency for harvesting of the microalga C.vulgaris", Chemical Engineering Journal. , Impact Factor: 4.32   


Postdoctoral Fellowship
University of California, San Diego, USA, United States of America
Sep 2016 to Sep 2017
PhD (Civil and Environmental Eng)
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Republic of Korea
2010 to 2013
Myongji University, Republic of Korea
2007 to 2009


Assistant Professor
2015 to Date
Senior Scientist
Advanced Biomass R & D Center, KAIST, Republic of Korea
Research Scholar
Arizona State University
Assistant Professor
Quaid-i-Azam University
2015 to 2015
Assistant Professor
COMSATS, Abbottabad
2013 to 2015
COMSATS, Abbottabad Campus
2009 to 2010

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