Dr. Akbar Ali
Assistant Professor, Physics
Area of Interest: Magnetic nano particles and Biosensing
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (192)
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

Dr.  Akbar Ali completed his PhD studies in the field of nanotechnology from University Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He has availed 6 months research fellowship in dept of Science and Technology, Linkoping University / Norkoping Campus Sweden under International Research Support Initiative Programme (IRSIP) offered by HEC Pakistan.

He has expertise in the field of nanobiosensing, and magnetic nanoparticles. He completed his Masters of Philosophy  from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.  He completed his Masters of Science  from University of the Punjab, Pakistan. On completion of his Masters of Philosophy studies he has worked as a lecturer in GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan.


Journal Papers:
1. Majid Niaz Akhtar, Muhammad Azhar Khan, Mukhtar Ahmad, M.S.Nazir, M.Imran , A.Ali, A.Sattar, G.Murtaza (2017), "Evaluation of structural, morphological and magnetic properties of CuZnNi (CuxZn0.5-xNi0.5 Fe2O4) nanocrystalline ferrites for core, switching and MLCI’s applications", Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, pp: 260-268, Vol: 421, Impact Factor: 2.0   
2. Akbar Ali, R. Gro¨Ssinger,Muhammad Imran,M. Ajmal Khan,Asmat Elahi, Majid Niaz Akhtar, Ghulam Mustafa, Muhammad Azhar,Majid Niaz Akhtar ,Mukhtar Ahmad (2017), "Magnetic and High-Frequency Dielectric Parameters of Divalent Ion-Substituted W-Type Hexagonal Ferrites", Journal of Electronic Materials, pp: 016-4883-9, Vol: 46, Impact Factor: 1.9    (External URL)
3. M. Jafar Hussain Rizwan Raza ,Mukhtar Ahmad Akbar Ali, Imran Ahmad Waqar A. A. Syed Naveed Kausar Janjua§,M. Anis-ur-Rehman M. Ajmal Khan Shaukat A. Shahid Ghazanfar Abbas (2016), "10)Electrochemical study of natural gas fueled electrodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell", International Journal of Modern Physics B, Vol: 30   
4. Majid Niaz Akhtar , A.B. Sulong , Mukhtar Ahmad , Muhammad Azhar Khan A. Ali , M.U. Islam (2016), "Impacts of GdeCe on the structural, morphological and magneticproperties of garnet nanocrystalline ferrites synthesized via solegel route", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, pp: 486e495, Vol: 660, Impact Factor: 3.0   
5. A. Ali, Mukhtar Ahmad, Majid Niaz Akhtar, Saleem Farooq Shaukat, Ghulam Mustafa, M. Atif , W. A. Farooq (2016), "Magnetic Nanoparticles (Fe3O4 & Co3O4) and Their Applications in Urea Biosensing", Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry, pp: 517-534, Vol: . 89   
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8. Mukhtar Ahmad , Muhammad Ahmad , Ihsan Ali , Waheed Ahmad ,Ghulam Mustafa , Majid Niaz Akhtar , Akbar Ali , Ghazanfar Abbas , Mazhar ud-Din Rana (2015), "Temperature dependent structural and magnetic behavior of Y-typ hexagonal ferrites synthesized by solegel autocombustion", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, pp: 749e755, Vol: 651, Impact Factor: 3.0   
9. A. ALI, M. AHMAD, G. ABBAS , M. N. AKHTAR , M. ATIF (2015), "UREA biosensor based on magnetic nana particles (Co3O4, Fe3O4) for the estimation of urea concentration in blood and urine samples", JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS, pp: 1515 – 1521, Vol: 17   
10. A. Ali, M. Q. Israr, Z. Wazir, M. Atif, M. Tufail and M. Willander (2014), "Cobalt oxide magnetic nanoparticles- chitosan nanobiocomposite based Electrochemicalurea biosensor", Indian Journal of Physics, pp: 12648-014-0594-3, Vol: 10, Impact Factor: 1.4   
11. A. Ali, M. F. Alam, Z. Wazir, M. Tufail, M. Willander and M. Atif (2014), "Silver-chitosan nanobiocomposite as urea biosensor", Optoelectronics and advanced Materials-Rapid Communications, pp: 1238-1242, Vol: 8   


Riphah International University Islamabad , Pakistan
Feb 2012 to Mar 2015
Linkoping University/Norkoping Campus Sweden, Sweden
Oct 2011 to Apr 2012
University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
Sep 2003 to Dec 2005
University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Sep 1999 to Mar 2002


visiting Factly
International Islamic university
Sep 2014 to Mar 2015
Visting faculty
Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Sep 2014 to Apr 2015
Assistant professor regular visting
Federal Urdu university
Sep 2012 to Mar 2014
GC University Faisalabad
Aug 2006 to Jul 2012

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