BS Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is one of the most versatile engineering disciplines today. It can broadly be described as blend of electronics engineering and computer science. In recent times, the number of computer engineers employed by the industry involved in ASIC design or custom processor design is gradually on rise. Computer engineers are at the front-end of the creation, development and application of electronic computer systems. The system designed by the computer engineers carry out the developments of new products and improvement of existing electronic systems in almost every aspect of military technology, medical science, business and consumer market. Some area of expertise comprise of control systems, embedded systems, robotics, microprocessors, industrial automation systems, communication systems and digital hardware etc.
The objectives of the computer engineering program are achieved by having our students chose courses in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, humanities and mathematics, with a key focus on the design methodology. The sequences followed are intended to give both depth and breadth in the key areas of study, while providing a level of flexibility via a choice of certain electives that allow the students to specialize in particular areas of interest.

Degree Accreditation:

The BS degree in Computer Engineering is recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council.

Program Scope and Structure:

The computer engineering program covers vast areas such as VLSI, Embedded and Real Time Systems, Digital Image Processing, database management systems, software systems, computer control and robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The applied scheme of studies has been carefully designed to enhance both academic and professional aspects of computer engineering program. The core courses have been selected to enhance the design and development skills of students in the field of computer programming, information systems and computer networks. The basic curricula emphasize the areas of computer hardware design, computer networks, and machine intelligence, embedded and distributed systems, operating systems and system software engineering and information systems engineering. After completing the basic requirements of course, the students can also adopt some courses from an extensive list of elective courses, best suited to their future plans and interests.
The students also take courses in humanities, management and social sciences to develop well rounded personalities. The students in their final year are also required to complete a design or research project in which they apply the knowledge and skills gained during the course of this engineering program. The students must then submit a written report, demonstrate their design and development effort and defend their project before a jury for award of grades.
A brief summary of this program is given below:
Minimum Duration: 4 Years
Minimum No. of Semesters: 08

Program Objectives and Outcomes

The objectives of this program are as under:

  • To equip the student with the sound knowledge of computer engineering.
  • To produce well-trained, skilled and efficient professional engineers.
  • To develop their communication skills.
  • To develop high moral and ethical values.
  • To develop their analysis, synthesis and design skills.
  • To prepare graduates who are capable of entering and succeeding in an advanced degree program in their field of study.

The graduates of the program will be able to

  • Apply engineering knowledge, mathematical tools and probabilistic/statistical methods to solve real world problems.
  • Possess essential engineering knowledge for meeting the requirements of industry.
  • Be an integral part of the team and come up with solutions to real world problems through a constructive/productive team work.
  • Perform planning, specification, design, implementation, and operation of systems.
  • Use interdisciplinary knowledge to handle real time industrial projects
  • Identify and analyze legal and/or ethical issues that arise in computer and information systems practices and institutions

Career Prospects:

Computer engineers are in demand in many major national and international industrial sectors like telecommunications, computer manufacturing companies, smart phone manufacturing companies, IT departments, software houses, Nadra, automobile industry, teaching and research, etc. With the specialization in computer engineering students are able to flourish well in the fields of web design and development, mobile application design and development (Android), embedded system design and development as well as Industrial automation systems.

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